Crown Jewel of High School Sporting Events in the Nation

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The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is certainly the Crown Jewel of Sporting Events for High School Sports in North America. This four (4) day event is attended by over 120,000 each year; many planning their spring vacation around the event. This is the dream of every player who puts on a hockey uniform @ the high school level; an event that forges relationships that last a lifetime. Players and staff are bonded together forever. Salute to all the participants and a special salute and thank you to the Bemidji High School team; a high school whose athletes are…

MN is the Family Vacation Destination

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Turn your trip to MHC into a fun family vacation by visiting MN!  Visit the  Nisswa Chamber of Commerce page and see what our area has to offer.  Visit Explore MN to see the rest of the state.  

Minnesota Hockey Camps; Necessary Ingredient in a child’s development

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Minnesota Hockey Camps – A Necessary Ingredient in a Unique Setting   MHC provides genuine learning and growth in a unique setting that gives you a balance between the everyday stress of coping as an athlete and you finding out what unique skills will define who you are and what you can be. Our goal is helping you create the best possible version of yourself. Being fearless is one of the first steps to you being you. We’ve been witness to a lot of wide-eyed athletes on a Sunday who conquer the fear of living and performing away fm home…

Thanksgiving Day; time to give thanks and reflect

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Thanksgiving Day; Time to give thanks and reflect All the best on a day we have a lot to be thankful for.  Sports are a true test of a person’s authenticity and intangibles. Lifetime relationships are developed over a short period of time because of the dynamics of the sport, demands of the job and the people we have the opportunity to meet through our travels, time spent as an educator, Marines, NHL career and all of the summers @ Minnesota Hockey Camps in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The sports world is well known for short term relationships becoming lifelong…