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What Matters Most

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What Matters Most MHC has always used the word WIN to determine our reaction to any situation or moment. It means: “What’s Important Now”. Everything matters; whether life, relationships, school or co-curricular activities. It’s important to note, however, we will go through rough times, not so rough times and great times @ different times in our lives. We do feel the way we finish is more important than how we start or hit a bad stretch somewhere between start and finish. The toughest part is shaking a label if not good because we all end up getting some kind of…

Salute to Mom and Dad

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DEATH There is nothing greater than a person fortunate to live a full and rewarding life. Knowing this, however, does not prepare us for the day when they appear to be closer to passing on or we lose someone in our life. Mom passed away @ 0040 hrs this morning; happy and ready to join her husband in Heaven. Our Mother has lived a full life; one dedicated to serving others, whether family, relatives or neighbors. We can honestly say we never sat down for dinner with Mom. She dedicated herself to serving everyone. When that was done, she would…

Saturday August 16th Game Schedule

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Click to view the game schedule for our last Saturday Games of the summer. Thank you for all of the support and energy you have all provided at camp this summer! We hope to see many parents, friends, and families at the Civic Center on Saturday!

Navigating the Frozen Pond

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Navigating the Frozen Pond I’ve never been comfortable around high powered, high profile, people but every once in awhile I’m fortunate to come in contact with some who have the skill to disarm you and make you feel comfortable. This happened again this morning. This turns out to be a precious moment in my life even if it’s just a conversation, short discussion or hour out of my life. My goals in hockey have always been the same; impact as many lives as possible. I learned early on that coaching a team gave me an opportunity to have an impact…