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Born to do what you do

Born to do what you do

As parents, we all want our children to end up doing what they love to do. If they can make a living doing it, their avocation becomes their vocation. How good is that? 

Today is Dino's 44th birthday and he is doing what he was born to do and enjoying it. Dino was born to relate to people, both young and old. His skills in this area are time tested. He has a sincere interest in working with youth, a sincere interest in sports management and a sincere interest in developing relationships world wide with young and old. We're impressed with his respect for authority and elders over the years and his fraternity of friends and associates continues to grow @ a fast pace; far exceeding anything we would ever imagine. 

His work @ Minnesota Hockey Camps and sports management is time tested. We've been witness to most everything that can happen in the hockey world. One thing is very clear to us. We would trust Dino to work with any child, any player or sports personality and in any relationship he forms out and away fm the game.

Salute to you. We are your biggest fans! 

Ole Gringo and Claire


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